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SolarCool ColdShed

SolarCool ColdShed™

Solar-ColdshedIndia is one of the few countries with long sunny days and plenty of sunshine, especially in our region. At the same time, hot weather and high solar intensity also leads to faster spoilage of our fruits, vegetables, flowers, dairy products, refreshments like chocolates and aromatic condiments. It so happens that the time when availability of solar energy is abundant, is precisely when our concern for possible spoilage of these valuable commodities is the highest!

As we all know, Solar thermal energy is being used in India for heating water for both industrial and domestic purposes. Conversion to electricity through the Photo Voltaic (PV) route has many practical applications such as:

  • Domestic lighting
  • Street lighting
  • Village electrification
  • Pumping of water
  • Desalination of salty water
  • Powering of remote telecommunication repeater stations and
  • Railway signals

Solar energy is being harnessed for all these applications because of the shortage of availability of electrical power from the grid and of the need to make our world more sustainable.

SolerCool™ tops the list in its relevance to our needs of today.

In this unique concept, solar energy is used to meet the electricity requirements to run its refrigeration system. Through its Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) cells, solar radiation gets converted into DC electricity which drives the cooling system (the compressor and the air supply fan) directly. Surplus generation of DC power is used to charge a bank of batteries forming part of the system. The controller regulates the captured electrical energy to be used as it is and directs the surplus to be stored in the battery. This stored electrical energy then can be used at night. This way, in parts of the year when intensity of solar radiation is high, solar energy is easily harnessed so that our scarce energy sources are not overburdened.

SolerCool™ has designed and developed a first to market answer to the problem of fresh fruits and vegetables spoiling due to lack of refrigeration at the farm level in developing countries.


We, at SolerCool™, provide an innovative solution to this nationwide problem by offering solar powered refrigerated storage space to farmers anywhere.

Additional potential markets for the Cold Shed are users of traditional cold storage units in retail outlets and hospitality. These users may prefer a solar powered option over the high cost of electricity consumed in traditional systems.

Advantages of Solar Cool Cold Shed

  1. Runs on renewable source of energy.
    Our Cold Shed runs entirely on solar energy, which is a very important factor in protecting the environment as well as reducing the operating cost to a minimum. Solar energy is available in large amount in India, and it is free of cost.
  2. Reduces post harvest losses.
    As we know post harvest losses are a major problem in front of India, Cold Shed is an optimum product for tackling this issue. Cold Shed is compact in size, can be installed anywhere whether it is on farm level or at the retailers end. It can also be installed on trucks and trolleys for transportation purposes.
  3. Prevents loss of crops due to lack of refrigeration.
    Refrigeration is required to increases the life of any crop or food products. The uneven distribution of our cold chain system in India is not sufficient to tackle the issue of loss of crops especially at the farm level. Cold Shed can be the optimum answer to this problem.
  4. Maintains variable temperature settings.
    Different products have different temperature requirements to increase their shelf life; our product maintains different temperature range. It acts as a multi commodity refrigerated system.
  5. Increases profit of farmers.
    Prevention of crop loss automatically increases the profit ratio of the farmers. It is estimated that a farmer losses 20-22 percent profit due to crop loss, our product can help the farmers gain maximum profit.
  6. Can keep food products fresh for days.
    Keeping food in proper refrigerated environment keeps it fresh and hygienic for days, Cold Shed is an ideal substitute to keep food fresh for days.
  7. In case of cloudy conditions have an alternate option of grid connectivity.
    Cold Shed is equipped to run on alternate grid supply or generators in case there are cloudy conditions, especially in rainy seasons, to avoid any kind of damage to the produce kept inside Cold Shed.
  8. Eco-friendly, no CFC emission, protects environment.
    Protecting environment is one of the social responsibilities which should be followed by everyone, and we truly believe in this ideology, Cold Shed is hundred percent environmental friendly using renewable source of energy for its working and without any kind of CFC’s emission.
  9. Can be useful in other areas like dairy products, Medicines, sea foods, etc.
    Refrigeration is required in various industries including agriculture, our product is not only useful in agriculture but it can also be used in other areas like Medicines, Sea Food, Dairies, Paint Industry, etc.
  10. Whether resistant- designed with secure fastening to a sub-structure like a concrete base.
  11. Its modular construction renders it ready for easy transportation, speedy installation and commissioning even in remote or hilly areas.
  12. Protects crop investment.
    Farmer invests money for seeds, fertilizers manpower etc all these investments are lost if crops are damaged or lost due to lack of refrigerated storage. Our product helps to reduce this loss, turning it into profit, increasing the income level of farmers.

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