Vision HighTech Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Structured Cabling

Full range of structured cabling applications that includes planning, design and installation for:

  • Data center infrastructure
  • Fiber optic
  • Telecommunication (VoIP, phone systems)
  • Security (CCTV, IP security devices)
  • Audio-Visual wiring and cabling (digital signage)
  • Intelligent cable management

Advantages of structured cabling are:

A structured cabling systems means the same cabling systems for Data, voice and video.

Support for multi-vendor equipment
A standard-based cable system will support applications and hardware even with mix & match vendors.

Simplify moves/adds/changes
Structured cabling systems can support any changes within the systems.

Simplify troubleshooting
With structured cabling systems, problems are less likely to down the entire network, easier to isolate and easier to fix.

Support for future applications
Structured cabling system supports future applications like multimedia, video conferencing etc. with little or no upgrade pain.