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Public Address and General Alarm

Public Address and General Alarm system utilizes microprocessor technology and cutting edge digital voice techniques to provide superior performance and reliability for all types of facilities. From remote system monitoring, to complete system health checks, to individually addressable speakers, the innovative features meet customer requirements in a wide range of applications.



  • Fully networkable system offers almost limitless audio distribution capability
  • Remote network interface reduces costs by allowing remote maintenance and system reconfiguration
  • Fault diagnosis / alarm reporting are shown on the access panel to inform operator of system problems immediately
  • Fully configurable messages and alarm tones offer practically unlimited capacity of expansion

The PA/GA system can be divided into one or more zones which can be accessed independently for announcement or alarm broadcasts. Broadcasts are transmitted through loudspeakers installed throughout the facility. The system permits calls between it and any existing public address system.

Loudspeakers support paging zones where one or more loudspeaker circuits can be grouped into a zone. Each loudspeaker or beacon circuit is connected to the central equipment for amplification and control / monitor functions. The system can interface to other systems such as telephone radio, or other paging/intercom systems.
Touch screen desktop or rack access panels allow voice announcements and alarm control operations. Announcements can be configured to broadcast in designated zones, or a zone selection feature enables users to direct announcements to selected zones. Access panels are connected to the central equipment and assigned an access priority for announcements, thereby ensuring that the panel with the highest authority level takes precedence over lower level panels. Alarms are likewise given a broadcast priority that gives the most critical alarm precedence.