Vision HighTech Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Emergency lighting system

WE offer both self contained and central battery solutions for your emergency lighting needs. In self-contained emergency lights we offer standalone, centrally monitored emergency lights and battery packs to convert your existing lights to emergency lights. We also have wireless monitored system which can be used in retrofit projects to ensure that additional cabling is not required.

With life safety as the key, We are partnered with all major companies to provide the best solutions for all your BGM requirements. Whether it is industrial, commercial or residential sound system, WE have the experience and the expertise to implement it. With wide range of network based solutions, our systems can offer sound reinforcement in small restaurants to large factories, from residential buildings to malls. However complex the system is we have the capability to execute it.
We have delivered some of the largest sound reinforcement systems in this region.

Our expertise includes designing using industry standard EASE software. Our in-house sound engineers have designing experience for very complex installations, where architectural aesthetics are very important.