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Primary Agricultural Co-operative Societies Software

The PACS software is developed according to the Common Accounting System (CAS) guideline suggested by Vaidyanathan committee and NABARD.

The Computerized PACS gives complete peace of mind to its Management. It not only increases the efficiency of the employees but also decreases the work load, as a result they can work more on different departments. In this way the society can think for more new business with the help of the same manpower. Our software handles the total accounting system of the society. With a single voucher posting like sale, purchase, receipt or payment, the stock gets updated along with the stock register. The trading account, profit & loss account and the balance sheet becomes up-to-dated. The management can have a through look on their final accounts.

Master Data Entry

PACS Information – Address, DCC Bank & Branch, employee and users information.
Member Register – Name, Address, Birth of date, Sign, Photo, Agriculture details.
General Ledger – Time & Demand Deposit, Date & Installment type Loan.
Account Type – Asset & Liabilities A/c, Income & Expenditure A/c.
Interest Calculation – As per DCC bank circulars. (Interest Receivables).
Interest Account – Opening receivable, current interest, interest receivable, due interest, penal interest.
Bank GR- Parameter system for interest rate.

Daily Working

Daily transaction entry, Loan disbursement, loan receipt, deposit receipt, deposit payment, Bank transaction, General vouchers, Balance inquiry of all accounts of single person on one screen. Interest entry, principle and interest separation for installment type loan, expense vouchers and new account opening.

Loan Module

Loan type – short term loan & long term loan.
Loan disbursement – new account opening, Check previous loans balances and disburse loan to member, Assign guarantors to disbursed loan.
Loan Received – All accounts balance display in loan receipt, principle & interest can received separately.

Loan Report – Account statement covered all accounts of Members, guarantors register, overdue list, loan type wise due list, crop wise loan list, Ekrar register, Loan Notice, warning notice, 101 notice, loan disbursement list, Collection list, Demand list, collection register, interest received list, interest receivable list, Dr.Panjabrao Deshmukh interest subvention scheme list , Central government Interest subvention scheme list.

Share Module

Member Shares Account information, shares info, shares certificate, Shares Report – village wise shares list, Loan wise shares list, dividend calculation & report, I Register and J register, shares Account statement, Shares register, Nominee register.

Investment Module
Investment type – bank and shares
Bank and share wise investment entries, separate interest calculation of each investment.

Dead Stock Module
Dead stock master, purchase, depreciation, item statement, section wise item list.

Day book, Cash Book , simple balance sheet, group Balance sheet, trial balance sheet, Profit and Loss statement , Trading account statement, NPA Statement ,DCB statement(Demand Collection and Balance statement, General Ledger, balance list, Account ledger

Vaidhyanathan Committee Reports

  • Share Capital Ledger
  • Membership Register
  • Saving Account Ledger
  • Deposit Ledger
  • Borrowing Ledger
  • Cash Book
  • Investment Ledger
  • Short term loan ledger
  • Medium term /long term loan ledger
  • Furniture and fixture register
  • Depreciation Register
  • Sundry Debtors Ledger
  • Sundry Creditors Ledger
  • Safe Deposit locker Register
  • Insurance policy register
  • Minutes Book
  • Sales register
  • Stock Register
  • Day Book
  • Bank Book
  • General Ledger
  • Monthly Interest Payment Register
  • Accounts Open and Close Register
  • Gold Stock Register
  • Maturity Register for Term Deposits
  • Register For Acknowledgement of debt
  • Trial Balance
  • Trading Account
  • Profit and Loss statement
  • Balance sheet

MIS Reports

  1. Coverage of Membership
  2. Kisan Credit Card (KCC) Scheme
  3. Crop-wise Loan Disbursement
  4. Loans Issued for Crops Notified Under Crop Insurance Scheme
  5. Medium and Long Term Loans Issued during the year According to categories of Borrowers
  6. Demand Collection and Balance Statement
  7. Period wise classification of over dues
  8. Asset Classification and Provisioning Requirements
  9. Action Taken Against Defaulting Borrowers
  10. Stock Position
  11. Cash Credit Limits with DCCB- Sanctions and Operations Of Limits in respect of Non-Credit Activities
  12. Details of Deposits Mobilized
  13. Growth in Share Capital
  14. Statement Showing Work Position
  15. Progress Report
  16. Statement for Internal Control – Set of Performance Indicators for PACS
  17. Periodical/Annual Report – Business Ratios – Concise Structure of Balance Sheet
  18. Financial Ratios
  19. Cash Flow Statement

Bank Consolidation

Bank can check each and every transaction of society and member.Branch and Society wise loan disbursement and loan recovery reports (daily, weekly, monthly, and half yearly and yearly, as per bank requirements.)
Branch wise and Society Wise report.