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The prominent aim in automation is overcoming the barriers to delivering effective services created by bureaucracy and departmentalization. Government is to be streamlined; services are to become more user-friendly and responsive to citizens’ needs; and the costs of complying with government bureaucracy are to be substantially reduced. In Municipal Governance is to be automated in three ways – First, services and agencies are to be linked up horizontally; clear demarcation of functional areas between departments to be established; public services are to become more holistic; and agencies are to be encouraged to collaborate more actively in confronting social and terrorism related problems.

Secondly, government is to be ‘joined-up’ vertically to the general public who uses the services. Public services are to be made more convenient to use, by means of such automated electronic facilities for lodging forms and direct telephone service lines, many of which will be available round the clock. And thirdly, policy makers will be ‘joined-up’ more effectively to operational managers, so that the strategic levels of government become more sensitive to the practical issues involved in delivering quality and effectiveness.

  • The automation allows the display of all information on the screen, along with the graphics, maps and other integrated features like current state of administration, current budgetary allocation on the particular departments and the related policies, laws and regulations, the available resources and planning. The integrated information at one place allows optimum resource allocation and mobilization.
  • Automation will allow the application of modern technologies like GIS, Remote Sensing and GPS for carrying out cost effective, accurate, data collection, integration, analysis, planning, management and maintenance. The updation of the information will be regularized and the dynamic planning and decision making will be promoted.
  • The sharing of technology and information between the different departments will become easier and more efficient and repetition of the activities will be avoided saving resources and time of the government machinery, it will go a long way in gearing up the current bureaucratic system of decision making.
  • The transparency in the governance will increase as the public access to the information will be enabled and the monitoring of the corrupt procedures will be possible enhancing reliability of the information.

With these benefits on hand we propose automation for the following government departments.

1. Revenue and Land records Department

Automation in the department of Land records will include the following Automated mapping

  • Land Holdings
  • Field bunds
  • Geographical entities, water bodies, hills etc.
  • Manmade objects, settlements, village infrastructure, roads and tracks.

Attribute Information

  • Ownership Records
  • Tenure status
  • Crop details
  • Area under each crop
  • Means of irrigation
  • Average Rainfall

Additional Information

  • Land use patterns
  • Soil details
  • Slope
  • Average yield

Benefits to the Department

  • Initiate development of Land Information System
  • Increase role of public in governance
  • The mosaic of the village level information at the tehsil level will become up-to-date
  • and reliable
  • Land litigations will be reduced
  • Provide accuracy in maintenance of land records
  • Regular updation of the division of holdings
  • The revenue collection will increase as the exact area of the land and the use of the
  • land will be publicly known
  • The other details in the long run will be used for the proper land use planning and
  • management and enforcing the land regulations in the state.
  • The individual farmers may be issued with smart cards having details of the property,
  • loan taken and loan repayment.

2.Finance and Sale Tax


  • The automation in the department will include the following
  • The automated forms
  • The facility of automated form submissions
  • The records of the tax paid, unpaid and the actions taken
  • The maintenance of the records
  • Finance schemes known to public
  • The sellers can be issued smart cards containing the details of the products and sales,
  • the sales tax paid and dues.

Benefits to the Department

  • Timely tax extortion
  • Authenticated evaluation of the property
  • Identification of the defaulter
  • Increase revenue generation
  • The process will be faster and more efficient
  • The knowledge of the new schemes will increase investment and development

3. Road and Building

The automation of road will include


  • The details on actual length of the roads collected from high resolution remote
  • sensing imageries.
  • The proposed road alignment
  • The road furniture and bridge, flyover, bypasses etc.
  • Traffic controls
  • The degradation of the roads
  • Parking Facilities

Adding Attributes

  • The geometrical details
  • The construction materials
  • The volume and capacity ratio
  • The traffic details
  • The public transport system
  • Accident details
  • The jurisdictions
  • The ROW
  • Route optimization
  • Cost benefits analysis.

The automation of the building details include

  • The Buildings draft and design
  • Facilities management inside the building
  • The utility mapping in the building
  • Design of water retaining structures and O.H.T.
  • Design and construction detailing of water supply and sewerage network and
  • Town sub-roads.

Attribute Information

  • The plinth area of the buildings
  • The details of infrastructure
  • The current property value
  • The property tax paid

Benefits to the Department

  • Computerized map of road will give real placement of all features and the map can be continually upgraded with respect to time like lane marking, hazardous location indicators, reflective traffic signs, road divider and Medians, intersection islands, parking bays and accident investigates
  • It will be easier to take the decision of proposed alignment on the map based upon obligatory points
  • Based upon existing roads and identification of traffic generation pocket on
  • computerized map
  • Maintenance of the road will be easier and continuous monitoring of accident prone sites and improvement of engineering standards
  • The traffic volumes and counts will be regularly processed and published.
  • Encroachments will be prevented
  • Design traffic load on road can be estimated and accordingly traffic flow controlling devices like signal, sign boards can be designed.
  • One line survey data along with the proposed alignment could be directly incorporated to DTM model (Digital Terrain Modeling) as to get current & most up-to-date map
  • Any GPS data can be directly incorporated in to CAD based system for updating the maps
  • Geometric design of road can be done on computer as to get optimum combination between design parameters and terrain features so as to minimize cut and fill, significantly reducing project costs
  • All construction drawings as HI-curve, V-curve, Y-section, L-section drawing can be immediately generated just after the design without any additional effort. These can be as it is shipped to site for construction
  • Total project cost can be estimated for different route so based upon cost benefit analysis the best route could be selected
  • Accidental analysis can be done and any possible accident can also be simulated in virtual reality
  • The toll tax can be monitored
  • The automation will lead to minimum damage of the property and environment while widening, modification and construction
  • The smart cards can be given to the users of particular section of roads which can beneficial in two ways- the collection of toll taxes and the enforcement of security against the militancy in the state
  • Structural design of building will give cost optimum solution

4. Forest Department

Forest cover in the state is one of the most important resources, environmentally and economically.
The automation of the departments will include

  • The forest divisions
  • Actual forest cover
  • Area delineated under reserve forest and protected forest
  • The forest fire
  • The varieties of trees
  • The diseases spread over the trees
  • The forest check posts
  • Other infrastructure, roads, forest guest houses, water bodies
  • Entertainment reserves, sanctuaries.

Attribute Information

  • The jurisdiction area of each division
  • The type of flora and fauna
  • The lumbering-number of trees felling
  • The details of each variety and economic valuation
  • The revenue generated by the department
  • The trend of the forest production
  • The area of a forestation and species detail
  • The illegal felling
  • The registered cases of smuggling of wood and hides

Benefits to the Department

  • Proper assessment of the resource quantity and quality
  • Monitoring the forest fires
  • Monitoring on poaching and smuggling of the hide and woods
  • Monitoring of forest encroachments and environmental damages caused due to
  • different development activities
  • The revenue generated from the forest will thus be increased and maintenance of the
  • resource is more effective through the automation

5. Agriculture, Sericulture and Horticulture Departments

The automation of the Agriculture, horticulture and sericulture will include

  • The area under different crops of the state-cereals, spices, vegetables
  • The area under horticulture crops
  • The area under sericulture
  • The soil properties
  • The terrain characteristics-relief , slope and altitude
  • The drainage characteristics
  • The irrigation facilities

The area under each crop, horticulture, sericulture
The production of the crops
The average yield
The input details

  • fertilizers Used
  • Seeds Manures
  • Pesticides and Insecticides
  • Agriculture Implements Used

The market arrivals-sale, price in the market, export

Benefits to the Department

  • Maintenance of GIS based land use database enables the planning and increase of mulberry cultivation
  • Database regarding the cocoon production, export, yarn and fabric production, emporia purchases is maintained to facilitate the control of operations.
  • Publishing of educative material regarding the mulberry farming, successful silkworm rearing, cocoon production, training in sericulture will increase the awareness in the public.
  • A business model can be created for farmers to register themselves with Sericulture department to avail subsidies and sell their yield to the sericulture department or export units through the automated system
  • Increase the investment , the productivity , the output, the sale and marketing of the products and the earning of the state
  • The GIS enabled mapping can delineate the areas which are productive for sericulture and horticulture
  • Provides models for maintenance in terms of requirement of water and nutrients also increasing the productivity.
  • The proper market networking will increase the sale.
  • The data collected will be more reliable, updated regularly promoting efficient planning.
  • The web enablement of the market outputs will increase the customers of the products, in turn boosting local economy and employment

6. Education Facilities

The following details will be automated

  • The existing hierarchies of the education facilities and their locations
  • Location of primary schools
  • Location of secondary schools
  • Location of higher secondary schools
  • Location of colleges
  • Location of technical institutes
  • Location of engineering colleges
  • Location of medical colleges
  • The associated infrastructure details
  • The terrain details

Attribute Information

  • The number for teachers
  • The number of pupils
  • The number of dropouts
  • The average number of population served by each education center
  • The details of specialized and vocational courses
  • The associated infrastructure like school buses

Other Automations

  • The course details
  • The automated admission forms
  • The open education system as the state is suffering from problems of terrorism,
  • so automated education system like introduction of education courses through
  • internet, so that the education is smooth.
  • The introduction of automated smart card systems in schools for attendance,
  • lunch, purchase of stationary, school uniforms.

Benefits to the Department

  • The e-governance will give the up-to-date data on the existing education centers, and the number of people served by the education centers
  • GIS enabled location allocation models to analyze the deficiencies and provide the locational solutions for the newer establishments.
  • The GIS enabled proximity analysis for the access to the education facility
  • The automation will help in maintaining the exact status of literacy and the dropouts-the causes of dropping out
  • The planning for the facilities, their maintenance will become transparent and efficient.
  • The automated forms will fasten the admission procedures, fee deposition and bring transparency in the admission system of schools and universities
  • The education status can be linked up with employment exchange, to provide employment and counseling of the students in right direction
  • Promote vocational education in the state
  • The web based courses for the special areas will remove the bottlenecks of the educational caused due to the terrorism in the state.

7. Health Department

The following details will be automated

  • The existing hierarchies of the health and medical facilities and their locations
  • Location of sub primary health center
  • Location of primary health centers
  • Location of Dispensaries
  • Location of maternity homes
  • Location of registered practitioners
  • Location of Hospitals
  • Location of Sanatoriums
  • Location of Ayurvedic Medical facilities
  • Location of Medical Colleges
  • The associated infrastructure details, like connectivity to the remotest village
  • The terrain details

Attribute Information

  • The number Doctors/1000 patients
  • The average number of patients visiting the health and medical centers
  • The major diseases and the number of patients treated
  • The average number of population served by each health and medical center
  • The details of specialized services and the ambulance facilities
  • The bed capacity

Other Automations

  • The types of epidermis the region is prone to
  • The automated call facilities in case of emergency
  • The information on different types of diseases, their symptoms and precautions and care.