Vision HighTech Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Banking Solutions

Technology responsibility, it’s viability, feasibility, Accountability, evaluation etc.

  • Integration and Interface of different products and technology
  • Filling the GAP between ‘AS is’ and ‘To Be’.
  • Designing of the Services module and Business module
  • Technical Audit
  • Security audit for data
  • CBS Software, TBA software
  • Delivery Channels like ATM, Cash Dispensers, Plastic Card, POS etc.
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Electronic Fund Transfer
  • Methodology design for implementation of Service oriented projects.
  • Training to staff
  • Hand Holding and Training to the Customers to create the trust on technology
  • Requirement analysis and transfer it to the technology provider
  • Gap Analysis
  • ERP solution Provider for Non-Banking business and operations in bank
  • Content Management
  • Payroll and Workflow
  • Integration of ERP Solution with already existing software.
  • Management Training
  • Banking & Domain Knowledge training
  • Interaction and co-ordination with Governing and Regulatory Bodies.
  • Marketing , Promotion of different schemes to value added services.
  • Assisting to the bank and staff for adding value to it’s brand.
  • To design the business module on the top of technology to strengthen the balance sheet of the bank.
  • To design and build World class Data Center
  • Plan and supply all Hardware requirement