Vision HighTech Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Building Management System

We offer fully integrated, fully interoperable systems. System integration means bringing together various building systems and services on single platform and you are combining the best controls from various devices collecting data on DDC’s sending the same to Central Command Control Center with un-paralleled Building Automation Systems and support. The result is centralized and comprehensive building management operated, controlled and monitored by an operator knowing what’s happening in and around the entire building and taking necessary corrective actions.

Industry-leading solutions come from an unflagging dedication to provide open systems and seamless integration of fire/life safety, security, lighting and other HVAC controls. We have experience from a worldwide install base of integrated HVAC systems through the industry standard BACnet.

The BACnet Standard and its companion testing standard, ASHRAE Standard have been adopted by the International Standards Organization as ISO Standards. BTL BACnet Testing Laboratories International performs compliance in interoperability testing of BACnet building automation products.

Our company is working jointly with Honeywell-ALERTON, the founding member of BACnet and a leading manufacturer and pioneer of building automation systems. We are perfectly positioned our self to meet multi-site needs by identifying all the costs of owning and operating a building automation system, and then ensuring these costs are well defined and designed in, rather than left to chance.

This provides consistency and continuity in our delivery that adheres to client-driven standards and task lists across a customer’s entire enterprise. With the well established, industry standard BACnet open protocol, customers can integrate legacy systems and install new systems wherever required, enjoying peace of mind knowing the result is a quality project backed by dependable & on-going support.

Places where BMS systems can be installed:

Large office buildings Industrial and manufacturing facilities
Campuses Schools
Government facilities Hotels, Hospitals


Some integration facilities:

  • Open protocol integration with other building systems
  • Energy conservation demand limiting / utility management
  • Tenant billing
  • Wide Area network/ IP support
  • Web access
  • Lighting control
  • Irrigation control
  • Security / Access / CCTV integration
  • Fire / Life Safety Integration / Smoke control